About Me

I believe that design isn’t about making things pretty, it’s about communicating. Sometimes you only have a few seconds to communicate what a company is all about, how to find your way around a website, or how to easily and efficiently use a product. Visual impact and attractive interfaces are important, but if you can’t get these messages across to your user, you haven’t communicated well enough.

I started out with a degree in Communication Design from Syracuse University. (Apparently, I didn’t think growing up in Buffalo, NY was cold enough or snowy enough.) After visiting my sister in San Francisco, I saw the light and started making plans for a cross-country road trip to see the states and settle down in the Bay Area. Best decision in life so far! I’ve still got a tiny bit of East Coast edge and sarcastic humor in me, but I’ve mellowed out quite a bit, as I love the open and friendly vibe out here. My mother still sends me help wanted ads for Graphic Designers from our small town Penny Saver(!), but I don’t have plans to move back any time soon! I love my family, but I also love California! I can’t get enough of the hiking, beaches, snowy mountains, or awesome communities of friends that I’ve met out here.

I’ve spent a majority of my career working as an In House Designer at start up companies. I’ve enjoyed this role as it’s afforded me the opportunity to wear many hats. This keeps the job both interesting and challenging – always learning about new media and design techniques in a fast paced environment. As you can see from my portfolio, this has given me a wide range of design experience, from printed business collateral, to animated interactive product demos, to web and mobile product design.

I’m a team player and have lots of experience collaborating directly with other designers, programmers, and marketing people. I have helped carry projects from inception through production, all the way to completion. I take pride in my work and have a great work ethic. I’m dependable, I listen, and will bend over backwards to deliver what I promise.

What other things besides design bring joy to my world? So glad you asked! I’m an adventure junky – this usually includes travel, but you can find adventure in any big city/rural area. I’m a big music and movie geek (check out my music page), I love to snowboard (when there is snow), scuba dive (when there is water), dance (when there is good music), and play music (when there are people who want to listen).

But enough about me; let’s look at my portfolio. ;)