Cockaigne ~ A Schwank Lush Affair

Fun Matchbook Cover Keepsakes

Party Ticket

Cocktail Menu

Best Project Ever!
[Please roll over things and poke around, the sounds are a riot!]

Schwank’s Lush Affair was a very fun project. The whole party was tongue-in-cheek and the group gave me free reign on creative design! We wanted the invitees to understand what they were in for; a night of sexy kitsch, seductive lounge music, and killer drinks to get everyone to the same place. The party was sold out and was a huge success.
For the record, Schwank was doing artesian cocktails before any of these mustache wearing, hipster bartenders were even born.

Scroll down to check out Party Schwag, Tickets, Cocktail Menu… some of the copy is priceless.

  • Client: Schwank
  • Skills: Motion, Illustration, Sound Editing, Typography, Web, Print
  • Tools: Illustrator, Flash, SoundForge

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