Rite Aid Video Values

Each month AdPerk creates Rite Aid’s Video Values. We post new offers for their clients to watch video, learn about their products, and earn rewards for participating.
I created the original UI for the landing page, the pop-up player, and all customer facing interaction. We meshed AdPerk’s functionality with Rite Aid’s basic styling for an easy, non-jarring user experience. In addition, I create all of the graphics each month, including animated hero swfs. I work closely with our development team to make sure it happens each month as seamlessly as possible.
We are finally moving from animated flash to HTML5, it’s been a fun learning experience so far!
I included some original wireframes I created for the UI.

  • Client: Rite Aid
  • Skills: Branding, Web, UX/UI, Motion Graphics, Wireframes
  • Tools: Photoshop, Edge Animate, Flash, HTML/CSS, Balsamiq

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